What To Do in Labuan Bajo

What comes to your mind whenever you hear What To Do in Labuan Bajo? Imagine beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes, along with the royal komodo dragon. The little fishing village is the gateway to some tourism sites like Komodo National Park, Bidadari Island, Gray Island and Sabolo Island. Activities like swimming, diving, snorkelling, and trekking are the customary tourism actions around here, but there is longer. Listed below are four alternatives you may do within this miniature archipelago.

1 Visit Papagarang Village.

This village is located on an island with the same name. About 1, 200 people live on this island, which is encompassed by green hills and serene sea.

You’ll find a lot of traditional boats parked along the beach of the island. You can stroll around and socialize with local fisherman to learn about the village’s history, traditions, and culture.

2 Meet the mermaids.

You can encounter manta rays, dolphins and whales in Labuan Bajo, but if you are lucky, you can also get an opportunity to meet mermaids or dugong throughout your diving session. We recommend you to learn more about the underwater paradise around Seraya Kecil Island because research suggests that the place is a natural habitat for dugongs. But be cautious not to ruin the habitat, as this species is susceptible to extinction.

3 Taste fresh seaweed.

East Nusa Tenggara, the province where Labuan Bajo is located, is blessed with coral beaches. Consequently, this province produces the number of new seaweeds with excellent quality. You may come directly to seaweed farmers at Labuan Bajo to purchase fresh seaweeds.

4 Come to the Komodo Festival.

Take an explosion by participating in the Komodo Festival. You can watch the parade, combine photography contest, enjoy art and music functionality, or learn more about the handicrafts exhibition in this annual event. This past year, Komodo Festival will take place from March 5th to 10th, so do certain you will be there to experience the festivity.

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