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There are any number of vacation destinations, venues and accommodations you could choose for a great getaway. One of the best decisions you could ever make, however, is the thoroughly unique experience of a chartered yacht. The benefits of a chartered yacht vacation are many, there is no doubt, and one of the best of those is being able to pick your destination – any destination.

There is no other type of accommodation that combines mobility, choice of destination, excellent food, an intimate space with crewmembers who know the area and can guide you to points of interest, along with activities that are as serene or as exciting as you want them to be. From a barebones experience to the height of luxury, chartered yachts can give you a once in a lifetime adventure as well as the longing to return over and over as a repeat yachter.

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To further explore some of the best features in chartered yachting, think about the quality of picking destination. No matter where in the world you want to visit, if you can get there by boat, you can charter a yacht to vacation there. All along the coasts of the United States from the history of New England to the laid back rhythms of the Keys, or the gorgeous waters and islands of the Caribbean, to the French Riviera or up to the canals of Venice – literally anywhere you choose to go can be the destination of your dreams. When you reach your chartered yacht, you unpack – just once – and then settle in for your week of pleasure cruising.

Once you are underway, your destination isn’t static as you get to move from one coastal spot or island to another. But instead of being like a cruise where you are included with hundreds or thousands of other people, you are experiencing the ports of call in your own distinctive way. Go ashore, stay on the boat and observe from a distance – the choice is yours. Cast a line and do a little fishing and have your catch cooked up for dinner that evening, or visit landmark sites ashore and eat at the best spots with the locals. Your crewmembers aboard the yacht are well versed in local culture and can advise you better than any tour guide, in a much more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Chartered yachts are known for feeding their guests extremely well, with skilled chefs available to provide the type of cuisine you prefer. Fresh market and seafood ingredients can be obtained throughout the trip so you are able to enjoy local flavors if you want to remain onboard. You can relax and enjoy every part of your experience knowing you will be well taken care of all along the way with expert sailors who know their way around the sea.

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