Top Reasons to Travel to Spain

Spain still has a lot of very special things to offer for travelers and Spanish people alike. It is a stunning location, even when the place is compared to all the amazing countries in the world. Spain should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you are not convinced, food critic Anna Ziuzina has listed the best reason why you should come to Spain.

1. Festivals and Fiestas

One of the most fun reasons to visit the country is to experience their many festivals. Spain has the most solemn religious processions in the Holy Week. Other festivals feature throwing varieties of food and wine at your fellow tourists. Whatever festival you attend to, these festivals are surely unforgettable and stunning.

2. Food

It is well known that Spanish food is famous all around the world. Every region in Spain has its own specialties. Paellas, jamons, Spanish wines and the list goes on. The tapas culture still lives in Spain. Spain offers the freshest and most delicious ingredients the world has to experience. If you are in Spain, ready your stomachs for the most glorious foods of all.

3. The people

The people of Spain are very friendly. They never hesitate to answer a question or give directions to the most incredible tourist destinations. Sometimes they even accompany you to the destination itself. If you are in bar or café, whoever sits with you will graciously chat with you. Spain is a great place to meet new people and socialize. You will always find a kind soul in Spain

4. Bullfighting

Though it is now controversial due to politics and the media, another widely known tradition in Spain is bullfighting. There is nothing like it in the world. History and culture is combined in the arena, a sight you must see and experience for yourself.

5. Art

Spain boasts the largest art galleries in the world. The Museum of El Prado found in Madrid houses more than 8000 painting and other works of art. Spain gave birth to some of the world’s most talented artists like Cesar Manrique, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

6. History

Spain can never be denied to contributing to the world’s history. Throughout Spain you’ll find wonderful examples of the country’s colorful past. A famous tourist spot is a cave with paintings from 15,000 years ago. Spain’s historic past also includes being part of the Roman Empire for 6 centuries. The island of Menorca claims the highest number of prehistoric monuments in the world. The magnificent Alhambra Palace in Granada is a stunning example of Moorish architecture and is not to be missed when having your tour in Spain. Come and soak up the amazing atmosphere and culture here.

With all that Spain has to offer, Anna Ziuzina never wonders why Spain has appealed to tourists from all over the world. She regularly reviews local restaurants in Spain on her website. If you are a dedicated traveler, Barcelona, Madrid and the whole of Spain has a lot to offer. These reasons are not enough, but it is enough to convince you to take a shot and discover the most fascinating parts of the country. Visit the Anna Ziuzina page here.

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