Things to do at the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Hotels

There are many different hotels to choose from within the Wisconsin dells.  However, not all of them offer the same facilities.  Whilst there are some lovely rooms available; it is best to look at the Wisconsin dells waterpark hotels.  These places offer all the standard facilities of a hotel; including a swimming pool.  However, they also offer an extra source of entertainment; water slides!

Although the slides and rides at Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels are designed with children in mind; there are plenty of adults who also enjoy sliding down and into the refreshing pool water.  This is an activity that every member of the family can join in!


Of course, these modern hotels have all the features you would expect in an up to date hotel.  There is a bar; restaurant, en-suite rooms and some of them even have excellent spa facilities as well as the swimming pools and waterslide.  In fact, the Dells are home to the largest number of water parks per capita compared to any other place in the world.


Of course, the real reason to stay in Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels is the proximity of the hotels to the number of attractions.  The Dells may have claimed fame through the size and number of its waterparks but it is also home to a wide variety of other attractions which will ensure there is something for everyone.

One of the nicest, but lesser known attractions is those which are animal related.  These attractions cover the Crane sanctuary, petting zoo, a deer park and you can even go for a horseback ride at sunset!


The abundance of water and lakes has made it possible to visit the Dells simply for the fishing facilities.  You can pick up bait, tackle and even a rod if you have forgotten yours or are new to the sport.  The lakes are close enough to allow you a short downtime while leaving the children in the safety of the Wisconsin dells waterpark hotels; they will probably not even notice you have gone!


Circus World is dedicated to the circus which was founded in the Wisconsin Dells.  It has a fascinating display of history and a show with a little magic thrown in.  You will be dazzled and amazed by the greatest show on Earth!

The Canyon

The Wisconsin Dells sits on the edge of a deep gorge which was formed by glacier movement.  Through the gorge flows the Wisconsin River.  You can explore the gorge via a boat trip, or even rent your own vessel to explore the river banks.  In addition you can take a tour of the canyon and discover all the items of historic and cultural interest.

Your Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels are a base; from there you can enjoy the abundance of waterparks and thrill seeking rides.  But, you can also use them as the perfect base to explore the area and learn about the Dells; it really is the perfect location for your next vacation!


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