The Best Souvenirs To Bring Back From Japan

Nihon e yōkoso! Once you’ve made it there, don’t forget your friends and family back home. In order to help you save time, here is some information on some of the best souvenirs to bring back from Japan and where to buy them.

Ehime Prefecture

If you visit the Ehime Prefecture and have ladies to buy for, pick up some of their colorful, soft Imabari towels. One of the most popular souvenirs, these red, white or blue-labeled towels are a great gift for women. In fact, if you plan on visiting Kyoto, you can purchase a comb and blotting paper for a complete pampering package.


If you want to take home something edible for your favorite food lover, the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido has a regional offering just perfect for your needs. Located in Hokkaido, the Shiroi Koibito biscuit factory will give you the chance to create biscuits complete with your own personal design.


There are several toy workshops in Kyoto. They have been handed down over time and have been making authentic dolls for decades. For the older girls, don’t forget the above-mentioned oil-blotting paper. This special paper is used to remove excess oil from one’s skin and remove any shine.


If you top in Osaka, there’s only one way to go. Buy your more adventurous friends a takoyaki making kit. Takoyaki, or octopus balls, is Osaka’s biggest snack treat.


Sapporo is the home of the Royce confectionary company. If you know someone with a sweet tooth, pick up a container of their popular chocolate-covered crisps.


Tokyo offers a wide variety of popular souvenirs. The list includes kairo or portable pocket warmers, kimonos, traditional zōri sandals and unique smartphone cases and the local specialty–banana-shaped cakes named Tokyo Banana available only in Japan.

Make your list. Plan your souvenir hunting now. You don’t want to forget anyone but you don’t want to waste time either! Bon voyage or Dōchū go buji ni!

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