Taxi Safety Tips You Need to Consider

Hiring a taxi is often the most convenient and cheap way to get around. Though taxis are more convenient than other means of transport, they are not entirely free of risks. You need to be vigilant enough and employ the best practices to mitigate those risks. Here is what you need to do.

Make Sure the Taxi is Legit

Many unofficial taxi drivers will respond when you hail a cab. Never get into a car that is not legally registered. Some people pretend to be taxi drivers only to steal money from unsuspecting clients. It is better to wait for a ride that you know is safe. Check to see if the car has a meter, visible taxi license, recognized taxi company and lighted roof sign.It is preferable you use reputable taxi companies such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar or Flywheel to be on the safer side.

Sit at the Back

Some people feel rude when they take the back seat. The truth is that sitting at the back is never a sign of rudeness. It is the duty of the taxi driver to move you from one point to another once you pay. At the same time, you have the moral authority to choose where you want to sit. This is not only a common practice for people using taxis, but it is also safer. It is always best to be on the side of caution and limit physical proximity when you are with a stranger.

Avoid Splitting Cabs with Someone You Don’t Know

Do not get into a taxi with someone just because he is heading in the same direction. Though it sounds great to split a cab, especially if you are at the airport, you may live to regret it later. You may enter into a cab with someone who has bad intentions. If you have to split to a cab, use your best judgment since you don’t know whether it is a local setup to harm you or steal your things and leave you stranded. You can also try a ride sharing app at for trustworthy ride partners and drivers.

Call a Taxi Instead of Hailing One

Some taxi drivers work with thieves. The driver usually spots something valuable on a passenger then texts the thief within the route. Since the thief knows the taxi and the driver, he will open the door and snatch your item at the spotlight with ease. It is imperative you call a taxi. You can ask your friends and family members who regularly use taxis for recommendations.

Have an Idea of Where You Are Going

Try to get a rough idea of where you are going before you board a taxi. Take a map of the place if you are new. You can also use Google maps to get a comprehensive view of the place. See how far it is from where you are to the place you want to go. Some taxi drivers take the longest route to make more money. If you know the ride is only supposed to take two minutes, call them on it so that you don’t pay more than expected.

Take Care of Your Luggage

Some people have lost their luggage because the driver drove off as soon as they got off the car. You need to be vigilant enough when alighting from the cab. Wait until you have your luggage before you pay the driver. You can also request the driver to get out of the taxi before you and remove the luggage.

Trust Your Gut

Always trust your gut in situations that feel worrisome. Push your logic aside and go with what you feel. If something is telling you that the driver is unsafe, take the opportunity you get and exit the car. If possible, tell the driver to immediately cancel the trip and hop out at the stop sign or any other place that seems safe.

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