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China is not as popular as say, the Maldives, or Bali, or Thailand, but the vast country has much to see and explore.

Great Wall of China – The first that comes to mind when touring china as a tourist is the Great Wall of China. Of course, you must see it. The aliens from space can see it too. Walk up and down this winding wall rolling down mountains and plateaus. Let’s see how much length you can cover on foot.

Forbidden City Palace Museum – attractively mysterious and glamourized in movies, ‘Forbidden City’ is one place you’d not repent visiting. It has been home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is so named because it was forbidden to enter the palace without the emperor’s permission. A massive sprawling structure, it is the world’s largest palace complex.

Yangtze River – Go cruising on China’s largest and world’s third largest river. Numerous tours, cruises and sightseeing packages are being offered on which you encounter the many scenic landscapes along the river. There are three stunning Gorges dams on the river and are very popular with the tourists.


The island country blessed by the Indian ocean, a lush flora, and a colourful local culture, Sri Lanka is India’s little cousin. More and more people are visiting Sri Lanka, and you can see why. Amazing scenery, great activities and easy to find cheap flights to Sri Lanka make this a must-visit destination,

Adam’s Bridge – Yes, the mythical Ram Setu actually exists and it is in Sri Lanka. This was the bridge by which Ram made the historic journey to Lanka.

Sigiriya – This is a palace and a pleasure garden built over a 200-metre high rock, and is believed to have been the palace of Kuvera, the treasurer of gods. Breathtakingly beautiful, it is truly an abode fit for the gods.  Tranquil and overwhelming, it offers a panoramic view of the valley below. Just one stumble: there are numerous steps to the top, so the elderly might find it a bit difficult to climb all the way up.

Oh and the Ocean – There is no dearth of ocean in Sri Lanka. Pick any coast, any beach, and spend a dreamy evening witnessing the changing hues of the sun, sky and ocean. A brush with the Indian ocean is a given on every tour package or itinerary of Sri Lanka.

Festivals of Sri Lanka


Nepal is the official mountain country of Asia. Populated by the mighty Himalayan range and a rich hindu culture, the country has lots to offer.

Kathmandu – You go to Nepal. You go to Kathmandu. There are temples, monasteries, valley views, gardens. The Pashupatinath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the most sacred Hindu temple in Nepal. Every year, it is thronged by hundreds of hindu pilgrims on the eve of shivratri. The temple architecture, built in pagoda style, betrays Buddhist influences. Sadly, it is not open to non-Hindus.

Go peak hopping – This is what you came here for. Nepal is full of peaks obviously. Choose any you think is conquerable by you. If you are not in the mood for some serious trekking, well, you can go to Nagarkot form where you can see the Mt. Everest. It is quite close to Kathmandu, and offers great views of the sunset and sunrise.

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