Storing your valuable in safe custody

There can be several instances when you have to move from Auckland for few months or years to any other places. You cannot take your valuables along with you. You will want to have the safe custody of these valuables till the time you come back to your home town. Thus, you got to have a place which you can hire as per your requirements and could have access to the place 24*7, with ensured security. You can go to the companies that provide Auckland storage to store your valuable.

Types of the storage facility available

  • Residential self storage: There is storage facility to store your house hold valuable when moving out of town for few days or for few months or may be few years. You can rest assure that your valuable will be kept under security.
  • Commercial storage: There is space available to keep your products, when you are expanding your range of product and yet not find the storage facility for the products to store.

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Features of the storage facility                

  • You can have your individual unit with lock and key provided to you. The area of the storage vault varies from 1cubic meter to 100cubicmeter locker rooms. You can pay the rent for the coming six month and get the discount on the paid amount.
  • The rent of the space is quite reasonable and down to earth. The variation of the space makes it possible for the individual to take the space which is really required by you.
  • The place is provided with guarded security, along with the CCTV security provided at ever place of the storage room.

With so many advantages of getting the storage space, you should get a space to keep your valuables safe. Make sure that you take a storage facility that can bear the storage requirements as desired by you.

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