Reasons to Invest In Property In Spain

If you’re looking to move to Spain or simply want to find a place for a new vacation, the country has lots of beautiful real estate to offer. The country has a particularly low cost of living, and you’ll be in the midst of beautiful beaches and warm weather.

If you’re seriously considering buying a new home in Spain, you can now receive detailed information on the prices of homes in the country. The map below of Kyero shows the average price of homes in more than 400 towns and cities in Spain, particularly on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also drag your cursor or search the map of Spain to view prime areas like the Canary Islands, and to get more details on the real estate in the area.

In order for cities or towns to be included in this map, they must feature at least 100 properties. However, the majority of the figures used to compile this list are based on more than 1,000 properties.

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After the global financial crisis, Spain suffered significantly, and the rise and fall of its real estate market was most pronounced in the UK. In Britain, the housing market is making a recovery. In Spain, however, prices for homes are still very low. Levels of debt and unemployment are high in Spain as well, even though the country’s economy has been growing steadily, especially when compared to other European countries. That’s why there’s still time for British investors to buy Spanish properties at low prices.

There are still a number of pricey properties in Spain, especially west of the coast of Malaga. The islands of Ibiza and Palma also have expensive homes for sale. These locations are exceptions, though, since the homes in Valencia and Alicante are priced quite affordably. This will vary from town to town – for example, the average home in Javea costs €1,093 per square metre, whereas in nearby Moraira it is only €899. The most affordable city on the map is Martos. In addition to finding a beautiful home there, the city is also famous for its olive oil production.

If you’re looking for a home that is outside of the mainland, there are a number of homes on the Canary Islands as well. The island of Tenerife has some of the lowest prices on the islands.


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