Phuket – The biggest tourist island in Indonesia

Phuket is the biggest island in Indonesia and a great tourist place to visit. Phulket is well known for its White Sea beaches. There are big palm trees and clean water. You can also participate in various water sports organized here. There are many travel agencies in your country that can organize tours to this island. There are plenty of hotels so there will be no problem in arranging a stay there. You can take a Phuket excursion to explore some tropical beauty. You will not be disappointed at any moment.

Patgong and Phi Phi beaches: there are 30 plus wonderful beaches in Phulket but the Patgong and Phi Phi beaches are most popular among them all. The Patgong is the beach that contains a lot of bars. There are numerous shops in lines at the back of the beach. The night life always remains young here. You can purchase various tropical clothing also from this beach.

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The Phi Phi beach can be reached by long tail boats. You can have some good seafood here. You can also see the locations where Leonlardo Di Caprio shot his Movie “The Beach”. You might also want to visit Racha island near to it which is also very good.

Buddha Temples: You can see many Temples and statues across the city. The “big Buddha” statue is located on the south of the island which is great to watch. It is 45 feet tall. A lot of people from all over the world come to see it for spiritual reasons and viewing reasons also. There are more than 25 amazing temples in this island.

Water sports: You can go for scuba diving; there are various schools for scuba diving along the coasts. The marine life in the sea is amazing to watch. You can also do surfing on strong waves of sea here.


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