Natural Beauty of Denver: Best Parks You Must Visit

Denver is one of the largest high-mountainous cities in the United States. It was nicknamed a city of a mile height due to the fact that the whole metropolis is at a height of one mile above sea level.

From the outskirts of the city, you can observe magnificent panoramas of the mountains and plains. However, the look of Denver itself is gorgeous. In addition, the nature of Denver is also diverse and colorful. You definitely need to know these parks, where you can wonderfully relax and enjoy nature.

All the uniqueness of Denver is in its location. Next to it are the famous Rocky Mountains. Local residents call their city “Capital of the Rocky Mountains”. The Rocky Mountain National Park in its turn is the most important attraction of Denver offering great opportunities for a perfect rest.

In addition, that Denver is located 70 km from the National Park, and it seems that the natural beauty is enough for it, the city authorities did not stop there. Today, more than 200 parks are broken in the city – these are small green park areas and city gardens, and huge wooded massifs, such as magnificent City Park and Denver Mountain Park.

Each urban district has its own park area. The most famous of them is Red Rock Park. In this park, right in the rocks (they are already over 70 million years old) is the Stone Amphitheater. Acoustics in this natural wonder of nature is magnificent, so it regularly hosts concerts and other musical events of the city.

State Park Lory is one of the most favorite places of nature lovers in the north of the Front Range. The nature of the park is very multifaceted. For fans of picnics, there are secluded shady corners; for fans of productive leisure – the jagged outcrops of rocks, sandy, horse trails are waited. Well, we should not forget that this place is a paradise for connoisseurs of birds, armed with binoculars: there are more than 175 species of birds. A separate mention is deserved by the 10-km reservoir of the Horse Tooth. Its banks are riddled with numerous coves. Moreover, the fishermen, throwing their gear from the shore or boats, will be able to take the perch, trout and zander.

It is also worth remembering about the Denver Botanic Gardens – a unique park area that includes several parks, the Japanese and Alpine gardens, a dendrological park, artificial ponds and covered greenhouses, in which orchids and bromeliads brought from the Latin America grow.

One more very popular park is the National Park Black Gunnison Canyon, located in the western part of the state of Colorado. It represents itself a nineteen-kilometer stretch of the picturesque canyon formed by the river Gunnison. The Black Canyon was named that way because its walls are so steep that in some places the canyon is barely illuminated by the Sun. Black Canyon is also an object of a great importance among fans of rock climbing and white water rafting. If to speak about animals, so here you can see deer, elks, pumas, coyotes, many species of birds and plants. A picturesque road is laid along the southern edge of the canyon. I addition, in the park there are camping sites, tent camps and hiking trails.

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