Most Commonly Asked Removals Questions

When it comes to moving many people stress and simply don’t know what to do that is why it is important to find out as much information as possible. We have decided to write a blog which answers all of the most commonly asked questions when moving homes, this will allow you to prepare, organise and have a stress-free day.

Answering Removals Questions…

What equipment will I need when moving?

There are a variety of things you will need which to ensure a successful and stress-free move, one of the things you need is bubble wrap which you can use to wrap your fragile items in to stop them from breaking. Another think which can be handy is getting duct tape and marker pens to label boxes and seal them. And finally, removal boxes. Without removal boxes you will struggle a lot… we advise you get a variety of sizes and ensure they’re sturdy, for more information on equipment

When should I book a removals company?

It is important to book a removals company as soon as possible, this means that you’re able to choose a day which suits you and will put you a little more at ease. When it comes to looking for a removals company you should look around first and ask quotes and see which company suits your needs the most.

What do I need to do before I move?

There are many things which people forget about when moving, so what do you need to do? Well other than packing we advise people to inform their doctor, dentist, insurance companies and banks well in advance that they’re changing their address. This will ensure that no letters are sent to the wrong house. Not only this but it is important to de-freeze your freezer when preparing to move.

How long will the moving day take?

There is no answer to this due to every moving day being different, due to there being many different factors. It is important to leave the day completely free and just enjoy every second.

Should I avoid moving on a Friday?

We normally advise people to not move on a Friday and move mid-week. This is advised due the delays which often occur on a Friday, not only this but to save money it is also helpful to avoid Fridays as removals companies often charge more on Fridays.

What are some handy moving tips?

Some of the handiest moving tips include, packing well in advance, not only this but we advise people to go through their rooms and throw anything away which you no longer need. Adding to this it is important to label the boxes statingwhether they contain fragile items or not, and also which room the box belongs in, making it ten times easier when unpacking.

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