Insights on Car Rental in Orlando Airport

Orlando is the world’s biggest market for car rental. The companies offering the rental cars are present at the airport saving you a lot of valuable time. Orlando is among the most visited places in the world and a large number of locals and tourists from abroad land here. Therefore, to provide them with a great source of transportation, the car rental companies are present in great number. These companies provide every type of car from small cars with capacity for two persons to big trucks with seven seats.

In addition, these companies offer affordable prices with wide range of cars. Another big facility is that this rental market is present within the airport so one does not have to go anywhere. The prices for car rental in Orlando mainly depend on the type of car you are renting and duration of time you rent it for. It is smart to rent a car according to your needs. For example, you can book a bigger car if you are a large family and vice versa. In most scenarios, you must be 20+ years of age to rent a car. Do compare different cars before renting and book your car online as early as you can in order to have cheap deals.

Types of cars at Orlando Airport

Different companies of cars offer their cars for rent such as Hertz, Avis, and Sixt. These are big companies and apart from these, you can also rent a vehicle from small local companies. Make sure to study the reviews of such companies to be certain about your choice.

Things you need to provide to rent the car are driving license and of course your credit card. There are a number of parking sites at downtown Orlando. These parking sites are clean, safe and affordable which the parking management of Orlando city conducts. The availability of parking facilities is within office hours from Monday to Friday.

Gas Stations near Orlando Airport

There is a number of gas stations close to the Orlando airport but some of them are too costly and charge almost double the normal amount.The list of nearby gas stations from the airport are:

  • Shell station which is almost 1.6 miles from the airport
  • Lee Vista station is also 1.7 miles from airport.
  • Suncoast Energy station is about 1.56 miles away.
  • Some other stations are Sunoco and Wawa, which are about 1.8 and 1.96 miles respectively.

Orlando is among the best places to visit in the world. This part of the US is famous for comfortable RV parks and cozy picnic spots. So in order to enjoy your stay there you must make sure to pick the right car.Every car is good but some of them are specific for certain places.

As we all know, no one ever enjoys public transport as much as traveling in a private vehicle and especially when it’s US. It is very fortunate to have a developed car rental infrastructure in Orlando airport that offers everyone affordable and comfortable traveling options.

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