Fitness Vacations and Why They are the New Trend

It’s January and this usually means two things: new year resolutions and elasticated waist pants. That’s right! Those pants that are kept inside the deepest, darkest corner of your wardrobe come out during dingy January after piling on the pounds over the Christmas break. Coupled with the will for a fitter lifestyle as the new year rolls in, January is the perfect time for people to plan a fitness vacation.

Exercising and keeping fit is the ‘relaxation’ of today. Many people are no longer as interested in fly-and-flop holidays, where lounging at the beach is the order of the day. A fitness vacation is where you combine an interest in keeping fit and going away from home. This can be done in a variety of formats. Most of the time people book holidays to take a break from the doldrum of everyday life. ‘Destressing’ is a common indicator of choice for a fitness holiday. When you add the added benefit of keeping fit to the equation, you get a fun filled holiday with a purpose. Elvin Eldi from Travelex says: “Although the tourism industry has always offered healthy getaways, our research shows that fitness holidays are not only becoming more popular, they’re also increasingly destinations where we wouldn’t have considered to go on holiday such as Tanzania and Finland.”

Many wellness programs are becoming popular with folk nowadays. People want to integrate the yearning to visit another part of the world and partake in intensive yoga training or weight loss programs. Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka have become incredibly popular haunts for yogis following India’s trail blaze. Many of these wellness programs teach about nutrition and actively include visitors in food preparation on site. Often what people are looking for is the ability to get into shape but also to know how to relax through breathing exercises and tuning out from their regular life. ‘Destressing’ is a common indicator of choice for a fitness holiday and many wellness programs include meditation time.

For the more fitness crazy amongst us, why not consider participating in a marathon somewhere new. Many cities that offer a marathon, offer activities leading up to the run that teach about running technique or endurance training. This is often followed by live music, local food markets and get togethers that allows for networking.

Some people opt for a vacation where they will be doing a particular type of exercise that they already do at home, but more intensively. This is the case of the CrossFit programs that incorporate 2 CrossFit sessions in the day with other activities, such as horse riding in between. Surf and Wakeboarding Camps have cropped up in many coastal towns offering ‘all day surf’. Their packages usually include accommodation and rental of equipment. These sort of fitness breaks allow a person to develop skills in a short period of time.

Whatever the reason for a fitness vacation, people often leave feeling they have learned something new, or accomplished something. They return home feeling energised and positive instead of having end-of-vacation blues.

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