Explore the Extraordinary Features of Abu Dhabi

Ever wondered about the charismatic natural beauty of Arabia, ranging from sparkling turquoise beaches to incredibly warm and thrilling dunes of the biggest deserts, along with the masterful architectural structures, If yes, then here is a chance for you to experience the best of everything that Arabia has to offer. Cherish the amazing opportunity to experience the wondrous world of startling Arabia with Abu Dhabi city tour packages. Our Abu Dhabi tour covers a number of joyous activities, fun things to do and a long list of places to visit in this stunning jewel of marvelous wonders, the enchanting Abu Dhabi.

Exciting and Affordable Range of Tour Packages

Organizing a set of attractive services covering all the top most attractive tourists highlights comes in some extremely cool choices of packages. We tend to provide lavish comfort to all our guests while guiding through the most attractive places of the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is enriched with lush green parks, fascinating islands, thrilling Desert safari deals, rich cultural heritage, humungous shopping malls, colorful marketplaces, gigantic buildings and of course the main highlight of the city and the most loved mosque of Abu Dhabi, the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Well, this and a lot more. You can avail a package of your choice depending upon your requirements, from the following,

  • Deal 1: For a bunch of 4 people- Pay 175 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 2: For a bunch of 6 people- Pay 155 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 3: For a group of 12 people- Pay 145 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 4: For a pack of 30 or more people- Pay 125 dirhams/ person

Following Services are Included in Packages

  • Pick up services in the lavish four wheeler from your residence in Dubai or your Hotel
  • Tour to the world renowned man-made port, the Jabal Ali Port
  • Drive through the world’s famous Abu DhabiCorniche having steep curves and attractive fountains all along
  • Visit the true landmark of the city, the marina mall
  • An opportunity to experience the splendid beauty of Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Tour to the Fun places like YAS Marina circuit Ferrari world, Alain Oasis, YAS Waterworld, and the list goes on
  • Drop off to your residence

There is a long list of fun activities, things to do and beautiful places to visit in Abu Dhabi. The low prices of each deal make it extremely affordable and highly desirable for everyone to not let go this opportunity of a lifetime. Having thrilling fun on the roller coaster ride brings out the greatest fun and joy within. While the historical places and traditional architecture let you experience the original taste of Abu Dhabi. It is a great enjoy the top most tourist attractions of this amazing city. It’s better to go with more number of people to explore the startling sites of Abu Dhabi, so the entire gang can have fun while sightseeing and making unforgettable memories.

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