eTA Visa to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a travel paradise for those people who want to enjoy the sunny warm climate, turquoise sea water, beautiful beaches, central hills, waterfalls, rivers, tea garden, jungles, wild life of Sri Lanka and most importantly the culture of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not just about beaches, it is lot more about various other things as well. So if you are planning a holiday, then Sri Lanka is indeed the best destination that you can visit. But the first thing that you need to take care of is the Visa. Visa is an important documented permission granted by the Sri Lankan government to the foreign people including children so that they can visit Sri Lanka for various purposes. One should ensure its possession before planning to visit Sri Lanka.

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What is eTA Visa?

eTA stands for electronic travel authorization Visa which needs to be approved before your arrival in Sri Lanka. In old days, the visa application approval process was really time taking, but nowadays with the introduction of eTA Visa; there are lots of people who are using this way to get the government approval to visit the city. This visa is applied online; all you need to do is fill your Visum Sri Lanka application form and get the approval as soon as possible.

Entry requirement for Sri Lanka

Every country has its own entry requirement which needs to be fulfilled under any condition. Mentioned below are some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled under every condition.

  • You should be the citizen of that country which is entitled to get the visa to Sri Lanka. Some of the countries are restricted from getting the Visa for Sri Lanka.
  • Your passport must have been valid for at least 6 months.
  • You must register your eTA Visa application along with your passport number as Visa is associated with a passport.

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