Enjoy the desert of Dubai with these three amazing activities

Desert Safari Dubai

 Dubai Desert Safari is the most popular adventure sport of Dubai. It is a complete package.

Mostly large sport utility vehicles are used. They are comfortable and fully equipped with safety measures. Toyota Land Cruiser is the vehicle most popularly used.

Just before entering the desert, the pressure of the tyres is reduced. It is done to give more grip to the tyre. The desert safari is conducted in a convoy. There is a group leader who leads the other vehicles in a single file the drivers are trained in this special skill and a lot of experience is required. The trip is for 45 minutes and leads to the camp. There are more adventure sports planned here. You may go for quad driving with the instructor. It is thrilling to drive it in the desert. You may also go for camel ride.

Dubai Falconry And Wildlife

Falconry has been practiced in desert for centuries. It was initially used to hunt for food. The guide explains the traditional and modern techniques used for training. The visitors are encouraged to try swinging the lure and fly the falcons. They are the world’s best trained falcons.

It is followed by a safari through Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve to look at some native animals. On the return to the camp, the visitors are served a freshly prepared local snack.

Camel Safari

Travel back in time with a camel safari. Wear loose comfortable clothes and leave your valuables at home. The safari is for nearly 45 minutes. All the camels walk in one line as you might have seen in the movies. You can enjoy the amazing scenic views and the sunset.

The safari ends in a camp where you can enjoy a barbeque dinner and a show of belly dancers, tanura dancers and a fire show.

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