Best Time To Visit Guatemala And Explore Pleasurable Activities

Guatemala has wide range of attractions attract the global people to visit and enjoy more with lot of activities. The pleasant climate in the region lends for year-round best visit and dry season November to April runs, but wet season rainfall for few hours. The highlands are familiar exquisite warm days, but you can see cool nights all over Tikal with lowlands. Usually, all around the year humidity may increase from May and the experienced guide advice to make trip in September and October. In addition to, it is the best time to visit guatemala and ready to explore beautiful places. The Guatemala temperatures are almost same to the countries in the northern hemisphere. In July and August you can see warmer and December to January winter season, but night time get extreme cool Lake Atilan, Antigua and specifically Quetzaltenango. You don’t miss the big enjoyment of cultural events and festivals in Guatemala. The Guatemala people happily hold Maya roots and effectively integrate into the regular life. Besides, the events are certainly without exception and honor the worshipping gods or ride evil while comes to events music, food and bright colors present as well norm.

If you get chance to visit Guatemala give importance for the selection of best time and enjoy the cultural festival. The wide range of festival let you stays connect with the people and get unique experience. Here, you can see some of the popular festivals performed by the Guatemala people.

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(Day of Dead) Dia de los Muertos:-

It is the famous Latin American event celebrates the Guatemala length and breadth. The whole participants in the festival enjoy about three days and utilized to prepare for following two days. Mainly, 1st November right time for the festival and commemorate children lost and remembrance deceased. During the festival, the fiambre made special dish includes vegetables, canned goods, cheeses and meats arranged into the beautiful salad.

(Burningg the Devil) La Quema del Diablo:-

The colonial times festival looks people from all over the globe gather to enjoy burning the evil and rid the country of evil and get afresh. So, it is the best time to visit guatemala as well right time for making trip memorable among friends, family members and loved one. In the grand event, the markets are completely papler-mache evils that local people purchase to throw over private flames. In the evening, the main event huge model of evil burned in the public place with cheering crowd’s sounds.  

Fiesta de Santo Tomas:-

The Fiesta de Santo Tomas festival are patron honor the Chichicastenango saint highland town with high spirit. The event features are parades, music and dancing as well real piece of resistance doesn’t happen in the last day.

Coffee harvest celebration:-

If you consider coffee lover, you need to wait until the adoration and worldwide main coffee exporter’s precious bean culturally important, but huge contact on the country economy. The harvest begins Frajianes town with sound and color processions via the locals and town with dance and song. Make sure the celebration time before you choose travel to Guatemala.

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