Best boutique hotels of your accommodation in Christchurch

Christchurch is a city that is located on the east coast of the New Zealand. This city is very popular for its scenic locations, natural beauty, English heritage and has lot to offer to its visitors. Every year, a lot of tourists do come to this city for spending their holidays as well as have some great time with their friends and family. You can do skiing, bungy jumping, mountain biking, hiking, trekking on the mountains. You can also do surfing, swimming, rafting in rivers and in sea. Or you can visit the beautiful natural gardens of the city as well as taste some quality wines in the wineries. But before coming to this city it is recommended to first book your accommodation as this place does get very busy in the holiday season as many tourist gather up from all around the world to this beautiful place.

You can book best boutique hotels in Christchurch for your comfortable stay. There are many boutique hotels where you can stay. Some of the best hotels are mentioned below.

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The Classic Villa: The Classic Villa is a luxury boutique hotel that is located in the heart of Christchurch city. This hotel has been awarded with five star ratings by many travelling websites as it provides its customers with nice warm welcome and excellent hospitality services. This hotel provides you with classic look, luxury comfort and modern amenities such as free wifi, internet, and macbook for guests so that they can take care of their business while staying in the hotel. This hotel is located very close to Market and arts centre, Arts Gallery, Botanical garden, Museum, Tram, Cathedral Square, Golf course, Restaurants, theatres and many other prime locations. The hotel also provides you with luxury soft and comfortable bed, bathrooms with under floor heating, Flat LCD TV and heater for your comfortable stay. The hotel also provides its guests with Complimentary continental breakfast, tea, and espresso coffee. The hotel also provides you with large common room where delicious food and drinks are served to the guests. Other facilities include private meeting rooms, tour booking, and car parking.

Eliza’s Manor Boutique Hotel: This is another hotel which provides you with home like ambience and comfort. This hotel is located on Central business district of the Christ Church city. The hotel provides you with comfortable stay as it offers luxury bed and all the leisure that you want. The hotel offers in-house catering to its guests. So you need not to worry about your breakfast, lunch or dinner. This hotel also provides you with additional facilities that you can avail according to your needs. The hotel offers large rooms for your business meetings, conferences, and for many other types of corporate events. The hotel is equipped with wifi that you can use for your business. You can also take the rooms and hall for your own event, party or function. The hotel also offers open bar and desserts to refresh yourself. Kids can enjoy many types of desserts, where as adults can enjoy some of the best wines and drinks along with some snacks.

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The George Christchurch: The George Christchurch is a luxury boutique hotel that offers best comfortable stay and attentive staff that is always ready to help you in any way possible. Located in the heart of the Christchurch city, the hotel provides you with peaceful comfortable ambience that you get in your home. This hotel is located very close to all the prime locations and attractions of the city. The hotel offers you with soft cozy bed on which you can relax and sleep very peacefully. The bathrooms are also equipped with all the equipment and amenities that you need. The hotel provides you with excellent free wifi coverage in the entire premises. The hotel provides its guests with one to one ratio. The hotel also has two award winning restaurants- 50 Bistro and Pescatore. In Pescatore, you can enjoy some delicious cuisines, desserts, and wines. 50 Bistro restaurant offers a wide variety of food for all. This restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee for all. It also provides a special menu for children which they certainly will love.

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