An introduction to pickle ball

Pickle ball is indeed the fastest growing game in many parts of the world. This game is a innovation of a creative mind which has created this unique yet interesting and fun filled game. Unique? Yes, because it is created using the idea of three popular games badminton, tennis and table tennis. Pickle ball is a paddle game that is played in a badminton sized court with the help of a big ping pong ball and the paddles very similar to those which are used in table tennis. This game can either be played as a singles game or a doubles game just as in tennis. Anyone can play this game as the rules are very simple. The people of all age and gender can play this game with the help of a paddle, ping pong ball and a net. This game is entirely based on hand eye coordination. You have to hit the ping pong ball with the help of paddles to the other side of the court over the net. The person on the other side of the court hits it back towards your side and you hit it back again towards him. This hitting goes on to and fro till a side scores a point against the other side. The game is decided on the points.

Why is it popular?

Pickle ball is popular as it contains the thrill, fun and excitement of playing three games at the same time. The game is simple and any one can easily learn how to play this game. It is a family fun game as 2 or 4 players can play it at the same time. The game is fast paced and has the competitive edge to it. The court is smaller and the ball will approach you with a great speed and less reaction time which makes the game more competitive and challenging. For More Information, Please Visit :

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