A journey into the wild

India has a wide variety of flora and fauna due to its geographical diversity. It is the home of many rare species of plants and wildlife. Trekking in such wildlife sanctuaries can be a great idea of appending your vacation. Trekking in wildlife sanctuaries is something which even kids will enjoy. These few wildlife sanctuaries and national parks take the pride of saving the endangered species of animals and plants of India. They are even the reason for maintaining the ecological balance in our country.

Are you planning to go trekking in a jungle this holiday? Here is a list of wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks that have the rarest of the species of plants and animals.

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The Corbett National Park

The project Tiger was inaugurated in this National Park. This is located in the hills of Uttarakhand. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the rare species of animals found here are Leopard Cat, Hog Deer, Sloth,  and Himalayan Goral. It is also a home for rarely found plants and trees like Amun, Diospyros Tomentosa, and Mallotus Philippensis. Tourists can enjoy jeep rides, elephant safari, rock climbing, fishing, etc. in this place.

Kaziranga National Park

This National Park takes the pride of housing almost two-thirds of the World’s one-horned Rhinoceros. This thick forest in Assam covers an area of around 430 kilometers. A visitor can come across a wide range of variety of wildlife like One-Horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephants, Wild Buffaloes,  and Royal Bengal Tigers. The best time to visit this place is from November to April. This forest houses a wide variety of Birds too.

Bandipur National Park

This National Park is located in Karnataka. You can reach here by traveling by Pune to Bangalore flights. It is home to India’s various endangered species. While exploring this forest riding on an elephant’s back, you may get to see some very rare animals and plants. Some of the animals found here are Panther, Tigers, Chital, Four-Horned Antelope, etc. It has some of the very rare trees like Rosewood, Teak, Sandalwood, Banyan, etc. It covers a vast area of about  874 sq.kms. It will be surely worth spending on traveling by Pune to Bangalore flights to witness these many varieties of flora and fauna.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the places that was proposed to be a UNESCO world heritage site. This Sanctuary is located in Kerala. There is a wide variety of fauna here due to the mosaic vegetation. It is a shelter for  39 species of mammals, about 16 species of amphibians, 61 species of reptiles, more than 1000 species of insects, 47 species of fish. It is surely a must visit place in Kerala.

Gir National Park

This National Park is situated in Gujrat. It is famous for Asiatic Lions. This is the only forest in India that has lions. It has a vibrant variety of flora and fauna. Commonly found animals here are Asiatic Lions, Spotted Deer, Chinkara, Blue Bull, and Chousingha. It occupies a large area of about 1412 sq.kms.

All the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries mentioned above are a must visit in India. Pack your bags and book your tickets for a holiday in one of these forests.

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