8 LA Travel Tips For 2019

2019 is here! And what better way to welcome it but by going on your much-awaited vacation? Your destination? None other than the City Of Angels, Los Angeles.

The home of movie stars, musicians, and surfers, LA may be overwhelming to first-time visitors. Here are eight tips to help you enjoy your time in La-La-Land.

Secure An ESTA

Before reserving your flight and hotel, make sure to apply for ESTA at least three days before departure. Application for ESTA Visa waiver can be processed online. Anyone planning to visit the US for less than 90 days can use USA ESTA instead of a USA Visa.

There Are Options For Airports

Los Angeles International Airport is the most popular and also the busiest airport in the city. It also has a reputation for being prone to having delays. Avoid the confusion and stress by flying into other airports in the area such as Burbank, John Wayne Airport, or Long Beach. You might even get a cheaper airfare when using these less popular options than the more crowded LAX.

Pick A Place To Stay

There are various places you can choose to stay at in LA. If you have the cash for it, you can book a room in one of Los Angeles’ historical hotels. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, Airbnb is a good and cheaper alternative. Better yet, try Couchsurfing!

If you prefer getting a hotel, don’t forget that you can use points from your hotel credit card too! Just be aware that some hotels charge fees for parking or wifi service.

Prepare For The Weather

Although winter can bring in some rain, it’s almost always sunny and warm in Los Angeles. Still, you might want to check the forecast before sightseeing around the city. Temperatures in different spots can vary depending on whether you’re off to the ocean side or the suburban areas. Moreover, the temperature tends to dip at night, so it’d be wise to pack more pants instead of shorts.

Save Money On Discount Packs

If you are planning to visit various attractions, consider buying a discount pack instead of paying for admissions individually. Go Los Angeles Card offers an all-inclusive pass to over 30 different attractions such as museums, cruises, and tours. There are also combo packages, or you can build your own pass by choosing among a list of sites. Other packages like Los Angeles Sightseeing Pass, Starline Hollywood Pass, and CityPASS are also available.

There are also tons of places in LA that you can visit for free. Griffith Observatory is one of them. Getty Villa, Getty Center, The Broad, Hammer Museum, Annenberg Space for Photography, and Marciano Art Foundation also don’t require admission fees.

Study The Geography And Transportation

The metropolitan area of LA is a vast place. Visit as many attractions as you can by marking the places you want to go to and scheduling them in groups.

Think about how you will go around town too. Renting a car is often a popular option despite the endless traffic jam and aggravating left-turns on the freeway. However, you can also opt to use Uber or Lyft. Buses aren’t bad either, and you can get to the beach faster from Downtown LA using the subway. For shorter distance, you can rent a scooter or a bicycle too.

Beverly Hills And Hollywood And Not As You Expected

If you expected to find a multitude of movie stars in Hollywood or in Beverly Hills, you would be hugely disappointed. Aside from the Walk of Fame and museums housing Hollywood memorabilia, there really isn’t much too see. What you can do if you are really interested in seeing celebrities is to get a ticket for a taping of a show or a studio tour.

Never Miss The Beach

With a coastline stretching 70 miles, Los Angeles offers a lot of different beaches where you can enjoy various activities. Watch or join in a game of beach volleyball. Stroll along the beachside. In Manhattan, Hermosa, or Redondo Beaches, join rollerbladers, runners, and cyclists. Surf and make sand castles in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach in Orange County. Enjoy street performances and appreciate street art in Venice Beach.

LA may not be the celebrity-filled haven movies made it out to be but it definitely has its unique charm. With so many things to see and explore, you definitely need to prepare ahead to make the most of your vacation. If you haven’t yet, start your ESTA application, pack your bags, and enjoy the city of flowers and sunshine. Happy travelling!

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