5 Reasons to Hire an RV for your Californian Holiday

Whether you are from Europe and wish to explore the wonders of California, or you are native to the US, there is only one way to travel and see this vast state, and that is with an RV. The self-drive holiday has changed a lot since the old VW days, when you really had to rough it, and a modern RV would be fully equipped to accommodate a family of four. If you have never considered this type of holiday, here are 5 good reasons why you should.

  1. Affordability – The average holiday budget would largely include accommodation and transport, both of which consume a big slice of the pie, but by renting an RV, you have both, and the cost is much less. Not only are there no hotel bills to pay, you are not tied to a schedule, as you would be with pre-booking accommodation.
  1. Complete Independence – This is the only type of holiday that puts you firmly in the driving seat. How often have been on a tour and suddenly fall in love with an idyllic spot, yet you have to move on, as you are in a group? Camper rental allows you to decide where you go, and how long you stay, and while the RV rentals company would have several popular routes to recommend, there’s nothing stopping you changing your mind and heading off in a different direction.
  1. Comfort – Living in your vehicle has never been so convenient, and the many years of research that have gone into the modern RV design have not been wasted, with the capacity to sleep four adults, a fully functional kitchen, and a fridge, you are equipped to spend a few days without seeing a soul. Water storage and waste water tanks ensure complete independence, although there are many campsites in California, which are fully equipped with all the amenities you would expect. If you are an American who would like to hire a camper, simply Google “RV rental near me” and you will be able to make a booking and pick up the vehicle nearby.
  1. Cover Ground – California spans more than 160,000 square miles, making it larger than many countries, and by hiring an RV, you can be very selective in the route you take, and maximise the ground you cover. Once you have sourced a company with RV for rent, spend some time on the website and read all about the various vehicles, which will help you select the most suitable. There are many US families who regularly take advantage of cheap camper rentals, especially in the low season, and with round the clock support, you can go anywhere.
  1. Unique Experience – Living together in a mobile environment definitely has an appeal all of its own, and many families come every year, as there’s so much to see and do, you couldn’t cover it all for a good few years.

Make sure you book your RV well in advance, especially if you plan to go in the summer months, which is high season, when the vehicles are in great demand.

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