5 Real Reasons for Moving From the UK to Spain

According to a report by foreign and Commonwealth Organisation, over 12 million British nationals visit Spain annually. Spain is also at the top of the list as the European country with most British expats residing there.

More than the promise of a lifetime of siestas, endless sandy beaches, all year round sunshine and warm temperatures, there are more real reasons why expats are attracted to Spain.

I have lived in Spain for more than 10 years, working for a real estate company selling Montgó properties on the Costa Blanca. These are my main reasons for living here – so read on!

  1. The Spanish Climate

Widely considered as the most excellent all-year-round climate in Europe, Spain offers a year’s supply of sunshine with minimum rainfall. Spain’s mild winters and warm summers are one of the key reasons for moving to the country. Why live in the consistently cold and wet weather, yet Spain is just roughly 2 hours flying time away?

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  1. Health Benefits

World Health Organisation declares Spain as “near perfect environment as is possible to obtain.” Spain records high numbers of “miraculous healing” especially for people who have Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis, and heart-related issues. These health benefits are not only attributed to the weather but also primarily due to the Mediterranean diet, as well as the relaxed culture. Additionally, Spain offers free (or low cost) healthcare to all EU residents.

Furthermore, you’ll soon discover that Spain’s medical care is remarkable, quick, innovative and recognised as far more superior to the U.K’s. Works great to bring up a young family or retire in Spain!

  1. Improved Standard and cost of Living

Most of Spain’s destinations have affordable living standards compared to the UK. Furthermore, Spain has a well established, safe and secure environment.

Although in some destinations the cost of living is almost as that of the UK, especially if you pursue luxury goods and fine dining; for those seeking to live like locals, you will find that your cash goes a lot further here than it does in the UK. All in all, given the quality of life in Spain, living here is a definite upgrade.

  1. Investment Opportunities

Spain is continually at the top of European countries whose property values and economic is gaining ground. It’s no wonder that the commercial circles refer to Spain as “the superstar economy.” It is currently the fastest developing of the “euro big 4” economies, defeating Germany, Italy and France to the top! Prime property always sells well in desirable areas regardless of any market fluctuations. Move to Spain for the fun and culture but don’t forget to invest; as some of Spain’s desirable property is still undervalued.

Many other expatriates make a move to the country to establish tourist services such as bars, cafes, and nightclubs.

  1. Convenient and Efficient Access to the UK

No need to worry about missing friends and family, as Spain links to the UK by two established International airports, providing excellent transport links to and fro. Furthermore, Spain is conveniently located for easy access to other parts of the world too like Africa, Asia, and the European mainland.

  1. Spanish People

Spanish people are renowned world over as warm and generous people, a factor that warrants expats easy settling in. Also, due to the high number of Brits already living in Spain, ready to offer advice and share their experiences, it’s mighty convenient and pleasant for any newcomer to fit in.

Expatriate life in Spain is suitable for anyone seeking a stress-free and laid-back experience. The locals are friendly and trusting, and the majority of the people are family oriented.

Leaving behind your old life can feel like an incredibly drastic step. Of course, it is a massive change but moving to Spain can be one of the most gratifying decisions you ever make in your life. Virtually everything about Spain is worthy of the big move, no visa required. Literally!

If the weather, the food, the laid-back nature and fiesta culture, the sunshine and the sandy beaches don’t woo you, I don’t know what will!

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